Excellence without compromise

Excellence without compromise

Good better best never let it rest till the good is better and the better best…

Holy Rosary Catholic School takes pride in its Academic background. The school ensures that all 730 pupils are congratulated at the end of the year for their efforts and dedication to achieving personal success. Behind the statistics and results of each child there’s a unique story.

We encourage our pupils to excel in everything they strive to aspire. Level sevens are norms to all our pupils

With only the best to offer we want every child to be unique and full of potential for the school to someday produce a 100% pass rate at matric level.

The ceremony of prize giving is a challenge for more pupils to strive to be under the spotlight this year. The only way for a child to produce excellence there is a great teacher behind the scene. Holy Rosary is a home, playground, church, school so children are at their comfort zone to produce their best results.

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