By Zondi Khololwethu
Even though we are growing up we should never stop having fun.

After all the constant learning and hard work as kids we deserve a little break just to have a little fun. A special day just for our school organized by our thoughtful teachers and raising money to help those in need.

Every year, once a year, the school organizes a fun day. A day students can express themselves and have fun without being judged or feeling unsafe.

On the 24th of February 2023, we had our first fun day after 3 years of covid 19. Different activities were done namely, the adventure island, rocket air lifter, giant slide and etc…

The gaming activities
Other activities were done like; face painting, quad bikes, cool drink competitions, basketball (shoot the hoop), song requests and etc.
Excluded from the R100 compulsory fee, using pocket money for these activities.

The tuck shop was open and for special meal we had a braai R30, done by teachers and had volunteers to help (students). The gift shop was also open and was packed with children wondering what great adventurous gifts lie behind the closed door. Run by different teachers.
The braai with Mr Mangwiro and TR Ngobeza, the gift shop and tuck shop.
Having fun is not a diversion to a successful life but a pathway to it. School should be a place you feel at home and have fun. A place that puts a smile on your face when u think about it.

Holy Rosary can guarantee you to present outstanding marks whilst having fun. Feel at home at school, THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.

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