Grade 12 farewell 2023

By Zondi Khololwethu

It is said, success is inspiration conviction action and so much more. On the 21 of October the school hrld6a special farewell to bid farewell to our 2nd class of grade 12 learners to ever exist in Holy rosary.

As a school we are proud of their results and are ready to let them leave the nest. They maybe leaving the school next year but they will always be in our hearts. They are all going separate ways and there for we leave them with these words, “Going out into the really world may sometimes feel lonely but in reality we are always a call away if you need assistance. Never leave like an island. We are all humans, we make mistake, and we all need a push now and then when we get stuck. When you get out into the real world, the training that you got over years, it’s time to put it at task. No one will be there to push you to study when you don’t want to but also one more thing, be your own police man. Protect your selves and know your priorities.” It is a way of motivating learners to know their surroundings in like and be self aware.

The school held an award ceremony to recognize the best learners in each subject and the top 3 learners out of the 27. First position was taken by Twala Pearl Khanani who also came first in a few subjects and at the end of the day collecting 8 certificates. Second position, Mushaninga Tinotenda who collected 4 different certificates in total. Last but not least, in third position, we had Mushaninga Thadiwanashe collecting 3 certificates in total. Not only academics awards were being handed out but also for behaviour like most discipline and neatest and an award for entertainment, presented to Sambo Ntlakuso.

Many different guests were I’m invited, different principals for different school, circuit board members, motivational speak, Mr. James Tlhavani. It was said in a mother’s womb, there are 60 million different sperms that leave the men and into the women in the race but only one can succeed. In other words each learner won one race in the mothers womb so what’s stopping them from coming out number one in this race too, in the real world.

In conclusion, each and every learner was recognized and awarded a school mug made just for the matriculates of 2023 in order to remembered where their from when they leave the school. Them leaving the school doesn’t mean us disowning them because they will always be family.


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