The following web pages contain important information for parents wishing to enroll their children at Holy Rosary School, Malamulele.

Enrolment & Admission Process

  1. Provisional Learner transfer letter from the Previous School.
  2. Recent School Report of the Previous School.
  3. Copy of a Learner’s Birth Certificate.
  4. Copy of Road to Health Card.
  5. 2 x ID Photos of the Learner.
  6. A placement interview must be written by the new learner.
  7. A non-refundable Registration Fee of R500.
  8. Completed Application Form.
  9. Parent/ Learner Contract Signed.
  10. Learner’s Code of Conduct Signed by parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the school fees?

It differs according to phases.

May I have a brief description of the school uniform?

Grade 0-6 wear the same type of uniform and grade 7- 10 wear the same type as well. So the uniform differs according to phases.

How does one qualify to get discounted fees?s one qualify to get discounted fees?

The eldest child pays full fees thus 100%, the second child gets a 10% discount and the third child gets a 15% discount.