Grade 10-11 excursions

Grade 10-11 excursions

There are different methods children can be taught. Some children can understand when hearing a different voice from the one they here everyday. Learning is a choice that one makes when choosing a path.

On the 8th of August 2023, our grade 10s and 11 learners took an educational trip to Johannesburg for 4 days 3 nights. It was an adventure worth taking. Learners got more information in their studies like geography students and biology students. To those who didn’t do any of these subjects it was a way if finding out the history of world and how it works.

First day they visited the union building and Pretoria Zoo. A view and animals worth watching .How they live, how they correspond to their environment and how they adapt to it.

Second day they visited Maropeng(Cradle of human kind). The cradle of human kind is the world’s most important fossil sites and heritage sites. Learners got to learn about different fossils like the Mrs. Ples, Sediba, little foot and more. From there they visited Sci-bono where they learnt about the life we live in of science and technology.

Third day… Every learner deserves a day to relax and have fun. They visited Sun City Waterpark to enjoy themselves.

Last but not least, the last day, day four. On their way back they learnt the history of Mandela at the Mandela house, they went on to learn more about Hector Pieterson at the Hector Pieterson museum. From there to the Mall of Africa and way back home.

This was the first excursion they took after the pandemic that hit us (Covid-19). First, hoping and wishing not last.

By Zondi Khololwethu

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