Holy Rosary School is a Catholic School.
We believe that “Education is a matter of the heart” (St. John Bosco).
Therefore, we promote a holistic formation in a family-like environment.

Holy Rosary School Educating Community, aspires to build a faith-filled humanity
and to grow together in Gospel Values.
Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, is at the centre of our School Community.
Therefore, our approach to all aspects of life will be of affirming with respect,
the personal dignity and equality of each member with its unique qualities
and its cultural, racial and religious differences and needs.

• We strive to develop a holistic approach, characterised by strong academic performance, moral development, spiritual maturity and physical growth.

• We encourage self-reliance, integrity, accountability, responsibility and self-discipline.

• We work at all times with diligence and excellence, through quality education nurtured by dedicated staff, learners, parents and collaborators.

Message From Our Principal

A sacred space at Holy Rosary

The Encounter place

Our school has this sacred space called “the Chapel”. Here a child or adult can enter at any time to meet the love of God and to pour their souls when in time of trouble or suffering. The Chapel is the ideal place to introspect and to get the strength to face our journey through life.

Dear Parents, Learners, Past Pupils and Friends

Welcome to our website at Holy Rosary Independent Combined School . It is our hope that the website will benefit all connected with the school – students, teachers, parents, different stakeholders and friends of the school.

Holy Rosary School  first opened its doors to learners in 2000 and since then has been educating the children and teenagers  of Malamulele and its surrounding areas. Over the years students have gone on to take their place in the workplace, the academic world and society itself and we take great pride in what they have achieved.

The school ethos nurtures the holistic development of the person. This is based on the Christian belief that each of us is loved by God and therefore worthy of respect. We want every young person who enters our school to enjoy the process of learning and to benefit from it.

In the Salesian approach to education, the relationship between the young person and their teacher / coach / mentor is central. We have an excellent staff who work hard to meet the needs of the young people in their care.

Currently we offerings CAPS from grade R to grande 12 . We cater for Grade 00 and 0 as well.

The school’s 820  students also enjoy  extra-curricular activities though at the present time restricted by COVID 19.

Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Society wanted his schools to be place of empowerment, learning, and happiness for all. In his schools Don Bosco also stressed the spiritual growth and development of the young person. Day to day interactions were to be built around key values – being reasonable, the practice of one’s religious values and loving kindness.

We hope to be able to keep you up-to-date on all aspects of the school life. Please visit our site regularly and many thanks for your interest..


Our Historical Background

Learn more about the history and background of our school


About Our Principal

Learn more about our principal and her stellar history.


School Management Team

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Our Teaching Staff

Learn more about our teaching staff  who use a holistic approach in educating learners.

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ACCREDITATION FORUM AND CERTIFICATE AWARD CEREMONY- UMALUSI. Thank you, Mr Mushaikwa, for representing our school.

FET prize-giving-ceremony for 2022

Good better best we won’t rest it till the good is better and the better best🏆. Our FET students strive their best to obtain excellent results, Since everyone learner comes from a different background, they each portray whatever they have, and the teachers try their best to help in every possible way. With our 95% […]

Excellence without compromise

Good better best never let it rest till the good is better and the better best… Holy Rosary Catholic School takes pride in its Academic background. The school ensures that all 730 pupils are congratulated at the end of the year for their efforts and dedication to achieving personal success. Behind the statistics and results […]


“Sports are not always about winning the competition, but also learning and trying to do better next time”. On the third of February 2023, HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL sent its high school students to Malamulele Stadium whereby sports competitions were being held there. It wasn’t a piece of cake many learners didn’t make it to the […]