When you are incapable of understanding your history, you are incapable of understanding the present or the future. Heritage day, a day which recognizes and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation aids us in understanding our history so we can therefore understand our present and as well as our future

Heritage day is celebrated on the 24th of September but rather at holy Rosary it was celebrated on the 23rd of September, this day was marred with numerous activities. In the school a whole plethora of activities were being done, in celebration of heritage day, from dancing, to drama and prize giving for people with the outstanding attire.

The school was illuminated by all these activities, including the vibrant colours of clothes everybody had on the particular day. (The school was a literal moving rainbow) The highlights of the day were for one the drama which entailed a conflict between different cultures which ended up being resolved amicably. Other highlights was the dancing by the various grades which left the stage bouncing and the roof of the hall wanting to fall off. This day ended with victors as well. Kings and queens who were able to embody their heritage and culture in a way that was just spectacular.

All in all the day was fine, beautiful, joyous, full of life ,music , dancing and as well as love ,love for heritage and as well as culture, for they make us who we are . The day is a day to remember and is definitely going to be matched up the following or if not even surpassed

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