Zondi Khololwethu

 A wise man once said, ‘Life is not fair nor easy. Poverty is like a blanket, one day you will have to take it off’.

Not everyone is privileged enough to buy even the simplest basic needs. Not every one is rich. It’s true, you don’t know the pain someone is going through till you try being in their shoes.

On this day, the 21st of September our school had a fundraiser where we as learners and teachers contributed a little amount of money to help buy shoes for children in catholic school where they can’t afford them. As we raised this money, we either came bare foot to school to feel what they go through in their everyday life or wear slippers/flip-flops. Personally I think it was a really intriguing moment for all of us because I heard a learner quotes, ‘sand gets in easily through flip-flops’. This helps learners develop a caring and understanding heart for the one’s who do not get the chance or have a choice but wear them.

Together we can make a difference. The small amount each learner contributed, together, it can buy many pairs of school shoes. Notice the little things other people go through. Just because one made it in life doesn’t mean it was easy. They may have gone through some hardships but not everyone is lucky enough to get that same opportunity.

The little we have if you know it can make a difference in someone else’s life, why keep it in our pockets knowing we don’t want to use it. Help with charity. All you good you out into the world comes back to you somehow. Giving won’t only make the people who you are giving happy. It will also make you happy.

Leave a print and see all the difference it makes. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Change the world. Help build a better world.

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