The competitions first took place at Makumeke primary school, where 15 learners participated. Some went for spelling bee, some for story writing, debate and reading aloud. Out of all 15 learners, 5 won and proceeded to partake in the next competitions which were cluster level. The debate team got first position and the storywriter got […]


Zondi Khololwethu  A wise man once said, ‘Life is not fair nor easy. Poverty is like a blanket, one day you will have to take it off’. Not everyone is privileged enough to buy even the simplest basic needs. Not every one is rich. It’s true, you don’t know the pain someone is going through […]

My experience during maths Olympiad round 3

“We had arrived in Turfloop at 9 am. We (me and two other learners from the school) were going to write the round 3 paper. After a long registration we began writing at 10:35 am and finished one hour later at 11:35 am. After the paper they had to be marked and after we would […]

Grade 10-11 excursions

There are different methods children can be taught. Some children can understand when hearing a different voice from the one they here everyday. Learning is a choice that one makes when choosing a path. On the 8th of August 2023, our grade 10s and 11 learners took an educational trip to Johannesburg for 4 days […]

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