Pre-foundation Phase enrols from 18 months to 5 years. There are Grades, thus Grade 00 (Toddlers), Grade 0 and Grade R.

Grade 00 (Toddlers)

–          The toddlers have a feeding programme where they are served healthy food that nourishes the body.


–          Their playtime focuses on enhancing their motor skill development. They have special games related to motor skill development.

–          Learning at this stage is mainly through discovery.

–          They go to the garden from time to time as part of their learning.

–          They have a special play area, Small Ville Village.

–          They have a daily walk around the school so as to exercise.

–          The teachers use a hands on interactive method and there is also child to child interaction.

Special facilities

–          They have a sleeping area with coat beds.

–          They have a crawling area that has one section that is carpeted.

–          They undergo pot training.

–          There is also a nappy change corner

–          We also have a kitchenette, eating area and a dining area.

–          They have a sick bay where they recover peacefully in case they fall sick at school.

–          The toilets are tailor made to suit their age.

–          The Pre-school area is secluded from the main school. It has its own entrance and the security is tighter.


–          It is a weaning stage.

–          At this stage a child is trained to be independent.

–          They bring their own food.

–          At this level much focus is on training them Gross Motor Skills.

–          Learners only do Life Skills only at this stage but it has elements of English and Maths.

–          Learning at this stage is more structured and they do follow a strict timetable.


–          At this stage learning is highly structured.

–          Subjects are more defined as English, Maths and Life Skills are introduced.

–          They follow a structured timetable and at this stage THRASS (Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills) is introduced.

–          Their development is monitored independently.

–          The subject that they do at this level which is English, Maths, Life Skills, Religious Education and Handwriting mainly focus on Motor Skill development.

–          They use a lot of imitation programmes and in our case we use THRASS.

–          Teaching and learning incorporates audio visuals, puzzles and blocks.

–          Learners are empowered to reflect independently and to solve disputes at their own level.

–          Learning is more hands on and very inclusive.

–          This stage is sealed off with a Graduation Ceremony.


Extra-Curricular Activities for Pre-Foundation Phase

–          Cooking Class

–          Gardening

–          Art and Craft

–          P.E (focusing on Balance, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Speech Articulation)

–          Sports Day

–          Pyjama Days

–          Easter Picnic