The Buildings

The Buildings

New buildings to accommodate the High School still need to be built and an extension of land is in the process of being allocated by the Xitlhelani community to the school, along the Giyani Road. Holy Rosary Educative Community is very grateful for this possibility.

Another extension of above five thousand square meters (behind the Hall) had also been allocated to the school in 2014 and this portion is intended to be for a Boarding School, as per request of so many parents as well. We read this as a very good sign in the development of the school and as a proof of how the community appreciates the school and the role it has been playing among the community.


The Development Centre buildings, the school cradle, are still there, also allocated to the school from the very beginning. There, we see the possibility of a future Skill Centre in order to accommodate some Professional Courses for the children skilled for such and not strongly academically gifted. The community appreciates this idea very much, sees it as a real need and supports it. The future will lead us, by the Grace of God.

A survey to the parents, our first stakeholders, and to the Grade 9 learners as well, ran recently, in order to have their so much appreciated written opinion about introducing the High School and its streams, and, possibly, another will be reaching them about the Skill Centre, and, later on, another one about the Boarding School, so that their role in the school life can be taken into consideration and long term planning can be prepared.


  • Hello, when are the registration for grade R opening and how much are the fees

    Pemla Baloyi Reply
    • Hello Pamela, sorry for the delay, Registration for Grade R are open and all the grades are too except 11 and 12 . Bring your child during the week from 1:30 up to 2>30 pm for an interview.

      admin Reply

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