The School Hall

The School Hall

The school hall, very big and spacious does accommodate the school needs as well as many of the community needs, to which we are always open. It started being built around 2008 but only now is it about to finish completely, including its toilet facilities. Hopefully, all will be ready by the end of 2016, using school saving funds and some donations. Community functions also take place there, now and then, such as funerals, weddings and/or others. For this, a contribution is given to the school, although some are for free (mainly funerals) as a way of serving the community in need, as well.

The school Ethos, Vision and Mission are displayed on the walls, as a simple and clear way of making the school’s ideals made known to all stakeholders.

Another building, a very special one, is being built: the school chapel. As a Christian and catholic school, we affirm that Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, is at the centre of our school community. We deeply believe that a physical space, quiet, calm and spiritually attractive, where a personal relationship with Him can be groomed, human, spiritual and moral values can be growing in the silence of the heart and in daily personal and social life, is a real need. This physical and spiritual space of prayer and reflection plays a fundamental role in our educative system which, being holistic, cares for the person in its whole being, as a mature and reconciled person, understanding towards others, caring, personally and socially committed, peaceful and capable of good and positive choices in life and deep in the heart, for the good of society, where they are called to play an important and positive role, as stated in the mission of the

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