“Sports are not always about winning the competition, but also learning and trying to do better next time”.

On the third of February 2023, HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL sent its high school students to Malamulele Stadium whereby sports competitions were being held there.

It wasn’t a piece of cake many learners didn’t make it to the finish line, but what mattered is that they tried their level best and did not let any obstacles come their way.  And there are those who made it, seeing another teammate’s achievement should also be your achievement.

This was a positive influence on the school as of it will encourage other students to try their level best in whatever they do weather its schoolwork or sports. Although most students didn’t perform well, their determination showed that it’s not the will to win those matters -everyone has that. It’s the will not to prepare to win that matters and losing is part of the game. FAILUREFAILURE DOES NOT COME FROM LOSING, BUT NOT TRYING.

One thing people should take notice of is that sports teach character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to lose and win. Having a chance to play sports growing up teaches you all kinds of life lessons. It gives young people motivation and drive to be the best one can be the best one can be and it’s absolutely invaluable.

Continuous effort-not-strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking your potential.


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